Minna Isotupa brings insight into your game

Minna Isotupa joins the 24hEXPERIENCE Team as an Insight & Innovation Specialist. “We are excited to get Minna on board the 24hEXPERIENCE Experience Revolution. She will help 24hEXPERIENCE Partners recognise trends and vision the future. She digs out insights that are relevant for our Partners’ businesses in order to create and deliver even better, hence personalised experiences.”, says CEO and Co-founder Jannika Joutsenniemi.

”I’m your everyday data curator that turns partner’s wishes, values and behavior into actionable insights”, says Minna.

Minna wants to enhance the world an experience, service and product at the time. Her versatile experience from TV productions, consumer research and business development together with her chronical curiosity keeps her engine going. She gets especially excited about new technologies, business models and food.