Meet us at SLUSH

24hEXPERIENCESHOP_MainMeet Mobedig at SLUSH 2016 and get a sneak preview on 24hEXPERIENCE – our Marketplace for Personalised Experiences.

For you, 24hEXPERIENCE is an app to design life and create your own experiences, with just a few clicks. For our Experience Merchants, 24hEXPERIENCE is a Platform to create, sell, deliver and measure personalised experiences for mass audiences.

Unlike other marketplaces, we don’t just bring you to the  doors of Experience Providers with tickets in your hand but enable our Experience Merchants to let you personalise your experiences by upgrading them or offering something outside the off-the-shelf offering within their premises and even outside, resulting more meaningful experiences for you and happier customers with bigger spend for the Experience Merchants.

We’re looking for Early Birds, Experience Merchants, Investors, Advisors and Talents excited about hopping onboard our Experience Revolution making 24hEXPERIENCE a global number one choice for both consumers and Experience Providers.

Set up a f2f meeting with our Co-founders Jannika Joutsenniemi and Vilma Gustafsson. Come and say hello at our booth C2 on Wednesday, 30th November.

Looking forward to meeting you, rock, rock!

Mobedig Gang

#24hEXPERIENCE #slush16

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Jannika Joutsenniemi
CEO, Co-founder
+358 40 7003202


Vilma Gustafsson
Chief Storyteller, Co-founder
+46 73 506 4196


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During what is – let’s be honest – the sh*ttiest weather season of the year, Slush brings together the leading actors of the global tech scene to Helsinki for something very special. Described by many as “Burning Man meets TED”, the event has grown in just a few short years to 15,000 attendees and 1 million live stream viewers. Close to 2,000 startups, 800 venture capitalists, and 700 journalists from over 100 countries come to Slush to drive business, and to experience the phenomenal atmosphere.